Transporting Samples

Laboratory samples (diagnostic samples) are dispatched in accordance with the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR, updated version dated 01/01/2003) or in accordance with the national implementation of the German Regulations on the Transportation of Hazardous Material by Road and by Rail (GGVSE) dated 10 September 2003 (German Federal Law Gazette I, p. 1913) and Packing Ordinance P650 (German Federal Medical Association, dated 20/11/2003). The sender must ensure that materials sent to the laboratory are adequately refrigerated.

In case of delivery by post, the material must be transported in break-resistant sealed tubes.

The tubes must be inside a break-proof envelope or a transport container with an absorbent pad.

The outer packaging must be labelled with „Diagnostische Proben” (Diagnostic Samples).

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