Sample Extraction

Patient Preparation and Blood Collection

As far as possible, the blood should be collected under standardised conditions:

  • On fasting patients
  • Between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m.
  • At optimum temperatures between 18 and 30 °C
  • The patient should not be agitated (wherever possible, he/she should lie down 10 minutes beforehand)
  • Before taking medications
  • Do not take from existing venous or arterial access points!

Concerning the blood sampling technique:

  • Patients should not clench the fist
  • Do not have patients pump the fist
  • Disinfection with approved disinfectants (e.g. Hospisept®)
  • Apply a tourniquet the width of a hand away from the needle injection site on the side leading towards the heart
  • Leave the tourniquet in place for one minute
  • Stretch the skin around the injection site
  • Insert the cannula point in an upwards direction
  • Release the tourniquet as soon as blood begins to flow

Sequence of the blood samples:

  1. Blood cultures
  2. Native blood (serum)
  3. Citrate blood (coagulation)
  4. EDTA blood (haematology)
  5. Fluoride blood (glucose, lactate)

Notes: Never take the coagulation samples first (activation of the coagulation cascade through tissue activators).
To prevent contamination with anti-coagulants, blood serum samples (native blood) should always be taken before these.

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