Ensuring the quality of our modern medical laboratory diagnosis is our highest priority.

Our Medical Diagnostics Institutes perform millions of analyses every year.
The Quality Management system (D-ML-13341-01-00 accreditation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15189:2014) is strictly complied with in day-to-day work.
Every day, the Medical Diagnostics Institutes perform internal measured value checks, and we take part in two inter-laboratory tests every quarter.
In these laboratory performance tests for assuring the quality of the measuring procedure, a central institute sends the laboratories samples with unknown concentrations for them to determine. The results provide information on the measurement precision, which is intended to minimise the number of incorrect results.

A high level of analytical precision means reliability for the patient.

Each individual department of the MDI is under the management of a laboratory specialist or a specialist scientist.

Your collaboration with us not only offers you the advantage of a comprehensive, modern range of medical laboratory diagnostic services, but we also guarantee you the very highest quality in all laboratory medical matters, along with competent employees who receive regular instruction and advanced training.

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