Information for Patients


Individual health services
The wish to be healthy and live to a ripe old age with good quality of life is of prime importance.
A patient’s desire for a personal review of his/her health condition using all of the modern medical diagnostic methods available is quite understandable.

The development of new medical tests and the demand for them by patients has increased very substantially in recent years.
Unfortunately, the financial resources of statutory health insurance companies are not sufficient to cover the costs and fulfil the wishes of all patients who would like to have a preventive screening examination.

These information sheets are intended to help you to identify and understand the tests which are necessary for you.
A large number of individual health care services will be presented to you on the following pages to enable you to make an optimum review of your state of health .

This is in response to the desire of many patients to find suggestions on medically meaningful additional tests.

The individual brochures are available in medical practices that have laboratory samples analysed at our facility.

Your attending physician will be glad to provide you with advice on setting up a personal laboratory programme.

Our laboratory physicians can also provide you with recommendations.

Welcome to the consulting programme of the Medical-Diagnostics Institute