Pancreatic elastase 1 in the stool

The new „gold standard” of non-invasive pancreas function diagnostics

Pancreatic elastase 1 in the stool


  • Diagnosis / exclusion of pancreatic involvement for abdominal pain
  • Diagnosis / exclusion of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
  • Checking the exocrine capacity of the pancreas with endocrine pancreatic insufficiency (diabetes mellitus)
  • Detection of pancreatic insufficiency in the context of cystic fibrosis (approx. 85 % of cystic fibrosis patients have exocrine pancreatic insufficiency); diagnostic differentiation from gastrointestinal allergies, lactose tolerance and coeliac disease
  • Progress monitoring

Reference concentrations
For adults and children 1 month and older: > 200 µg/g in the stool
Specificity: 93 %
Sensitivity: 93 %

Sample material

  • A pea-sized stool sample is sufficient (no bulk stool sample).
  • Substitution therapy has no effect on the test results.
  • Low intra-individual variation from day to day
  • Because of the high stability of the sample, it can be shipped without any problem.

Pancreatic Elastase 1 in the Serum


  • Diagnosis / exclusion of acute pancreatitis
  • Inflammation episodes are still evident after several days

Reference concentrations
< 3.5 ng/ml
Specificity: 96 %
Sensitivity: 97 %

Test material
1 ml of serum

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