„Baby on Time” screening and care programme by AOK Nordost

In the context of the „Baby on Time” screening and care programme for the AOK Nordost public health insurance company, gynaecologists and diabetologists can enter into contractual agreements with the relevant health insurance. The contractual obligations of the gynaecologists include the involvement of an external laboratory for determining the Nugent score from vaginal smears to rule out bacterial vaginosis as a pregnancy risk factor.

Our laboratory meets the requirements for rendering this service. MDI Laboratories GmbH is DIN EN ISO 15189 accredited, and this service can be rendered within seven working days.

Sample materials
The evaluation of vaginal smears according to Nugent is invoiced by the laboratory. The billed amount covers: Provision of materials (slides and slide covers), material transport, Gram stain, microscopic assessment of the preparation according to Nugent and preparation and submission of the findings.

The necessary materials can be requested using the laboratory’s material requisition form
(Phone: +49 (0)30 / 44 33 64-200, Fax: +49 (0)30 / 44 33 64-221).


A contractual agreement is signed with gynaecologists who have decided to collaborate with the MDI Laboratories GmbH and who send in materials for testing. Individual billing with the laboratory is carried out each month as a collective invoice or per patient.

The detailed diagnostic procedure is described below.

Diagnostic procedure

1. Sampling / test material: Vaginal secretion on a slide

  • Remove vaginal secretion with cotton swabs
  • Roll the swab evenly over the slide several times
  • Air dry the slide and then place it in a slide cover

2. Request: The IGeL gynaecology form should be used as a request form.

  • Patient data
  • Material specification: „Microscope slide”
  • Request: „Nugent score”

Please clearly label both the IGeL form and the slide covers!

3. Test material and request document for transport to the laboratory

4. Recording and processing in the laboratory

5. Diagnosis – Nugent score: Information on the findings

  • Number of leukocytes (quantitative assessment in 5 stages)
  • Number of epithelial cells (quantitative assessment in 5 stages)
  • Presence of „clue cells” (yes, no)
  • Lactobacilli (with index number: 0-4 points)
  • Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria (with index number: 0-4 points)
  • Curved, rod-shaped bacteria (with index number: 0-2 points)
  • Nugent score with rating
    0 to 3 points: no evidence of bacterial vaginosis
    4 to 6 points / no clue cells: no evidence of bacterial vaginosis
    4 to 6 points / + clue cells: evidence of bacterial vaginosis
    >= 7 points: evidence of bacterial vaginosis

6. Submission of findings (hard copy, electronically)

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