Our specialist doctors and scientists are always available for any special requests.

For more detailed information and advice, please set up an appointment with us. Our laboratory consultants would also be glad to pay you a visit at your practice.

You can reach us at the following phone number: +49 (0)30 / 44 33 64-200.

Our specialist departments can be reached through the central information service.

Organisational/technical questions and advice

Head Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT)
llka Neumann

Departments of: Clinical Chemistry, Haematology, Serology and Infection Serology

Andrey Bulankin
Elisabeth Götze
Zeinab Hariri
Prof. Dr med. Bärbel Papies

Department of Molecular Biology (PCR)

Head of department Dr rer. nat. Stephanie Tamschick
Dr. med. Leonore Thümer

Department of Toxicology

Dipl. Chem. Hans-Peter Wunderlich

Department of Microbiology

Dr rer. nat. Roland Pfüller
Dr med. Leonore Thümer
Dr med. Sonja Swidsinski
Senior MTLA Antje Mewes

Quality Management

Kerstin Böhme

Field service and practice supervision

Field Service Coordination and Laboratory Consultant
Inez Pusemann
Mobile: +49 (0)160 / 7 49 45 27
E-mail: i.pusemann @
Laboratory Consultant
Janine Hesse
Mobile: +49 (0)170 / 6 34 97 77
E-mail: j.hesse @
Laboratory Consultant
Kristin Kutz
Mobile: +49 (0)171 / 6 57 56 92
E-mail: k.kutz @
Laboratory Consultant
Dr rer. nat. Ralf Lorenz
Phone: +49 (0)30 / 44 33 64-200
E-mail: r.lorenz @



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